Production process

How does it work?

ContenO has built its Smart Mobile Water Bottling Plant inside an ISO-standardised container as an integrated system. The bottling process has 4 production steps:


1.  The preform buffering + orienting.


The PET preform depends on the bottle size which the user wants to produce. Bottle shape is defined by ContenO.
The preforms are loaded in bulk at the outside left front side entering the bottle production line.


2.  Bottle production


In the "stretch blowing machine", each PET preform is heated by the oven and blown to a PET bottle in the Mold.
The result is a quality PET bottle, available in different colours.


3. Filling-capping


The filler-capper mono block is specially designed to meet conditions in a mobile container.


4. Labeling


The bottle is automatically foreseen with a self-adhesive label.  The production date or lot is printed onto the label.


5. Handle application


For bigger sized bottles, a handle for easy carrying is automatically applied onto the bottle. Fully automated.


The Result.

A complete factory. Inside a 20 feet or a 40 feet container