Optima Description

  • The BFC-unit incorporates a stretch blow moulding machine to produce plastic bottles from PET preforms, followed by a Filling and Capping machine.
  • All bottling operations are automated. The entire bottling system is built on a single frame and foreseen with a central control panel.
  • The BFC-unit is built according to clean design requirements.
  • The blowing clamp and the stretch rod are electronically driven by a servo motor for optimal adjustments.
  • The BFC-unit is a very flexible machine with neck-handling throughout the entire bottling process. Format change-over takes only 20 minutes.
  • The BFC-unit is compact with easy access to all important parts, facilitating maintenance.
  • During operation, the visibility for the operator on all parts of the machine is outstanding.
  • Optionally, the BFC-unit can be equipped with a remote control and data monitoring system.