Drinkable Water Anywhere


Model Optima


Unique solution to produce (blow), to fill and close a PET bottle by a single machine.



  • Plug & play
  • Low energy consumption
  • All-in-one
  • Flexible: quick format change
  • Compact

Working principle:

The BFC-unit is composed of a stretch blow moulding machine to produce plastic bottles from PET preforms, followed by a Filling and Capping machine.

The preforms are automatically aligned and introduced in the first oven. Optionally the second oven can be foreseen for thick wall preforms or complex shaped bottles.

After heating, the preform is transferred to the clamping unit.  An electronic driven stretch rod assists the blowing process of the bottle. The compressed air needed starts at 15 bar, but can go up to 40 bars, depending on bottle shape complexity, etc.. We offer a special mould when using low pressure air to blow the bottle.

When the bottle is blown, it is automatically transferred to the intermediary star wheel to cool down before the bottle goes to the filling and capping star wheel.

Depending on the liquid to be filled, the filling principle will be different each time. The same for the cap and the capping system.

Once the bottle is closed, it may leave the machine. For hygienic optimization, the filling/capping compartment can be optionally equipped over-pressured air (plus Hepa filter and/or UV treatment).

A bottle outfeed conveyor can be provided to connect the system with your downstream equipment.



Liquid soap, bubble bath, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, baby oil, lotions, massage oil.

  • FOOD:

Vegetable oil, edible oil, vinegar, honey.


Engine oil, lubricants, brake fluid, car cleaning products, anti-freeze coolant, plant protecting agents, liquid plantfertilizer, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, disinfectant, soap, floor cleaning agent, washing liquid, liquid washing agent.


Water, flavoured water, fresh fruit juice without pulp, syrup, alcoholic drinks, wine, fresh milk.