What is Microfiltration?

Microfiltration is a way of removing contaminants in the size range of 0.1 to 10.0 ┬Ám from fluids or gases, by passage through a microporous medium such as a membrane. There are two techniques used in microfiltration: dead-end filtration, where microfiltration is widely used, and cross-flow filtration, using a tangential flow for the fluid being filtered. Microfiltration is used in both production and analytical applications, such as:

  • Filtration of particles from liquid or gas streams
  • for different industries, e.g.chemical or pharmaceutical
  • Production of pure water
  • Clarification and sterile filtration
  • Waste water treatment

What is Ultrafiltration?

Ultrafiltration is a process similar to microfiltration. The main difference is the "tighter" retention behaviour: the ultrafiltration membrane retains much smaller particles from the passage through the membrane than do microfiltration membranes. Typically the particle size is measured by molecular - weight, and ultrafiltration membranes have retention ranges from 1,000 to 1,000,000 molecular weight.

What is PET ?

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is a raisin of the polyester family. It is made out of crude oil.

What is a PET preform ?

A preform is a small tube made of PET raisin. After heating, the preform is blown into its final bottle shape by means of compressed air.

Is PET material toxic ?

No, since PET is an oil product, it has no toxic particles (plastics like PVC are toxic).

Can PET be recycled ?

Yes, PET is 100% recycable. It is very demanded for other applications, such as clothing, dashboards of cars, and even... new bottles.

Is ContenO a manufacturer ?

Yes, ContenO does the design, engineering and construction of Smart Mobile Plants.

Is ContenO experienced in packing and bottling ?

Yes, Conteno is a spin-off of FILL-PACK, who has a large experience in the engineering, supply and start-up of complete packing and bottling lines.

What is the delivery time of a Smart Mobile Plant ?

A lead time of about 4 - 6 months can be considered, depending on customer specifications and workload.

Is there a difference in supply to the army or to other customers ?

Yes, the army has specific demands. But functionnaly, a Smart Mobile Plant is equal for all.