Benefits AquaTrailer


  • On the spot water purification and packaging system, accomplishing up to 90% transport and storage savings, both in value and assets.
  • Low energy consumption due to:
           - Compact configuration of the water purification system
           - All in one system, all different purification systems

Easy to use:

  • All parts are especially made for easy operation and maintenance.
  • 1 trained operator required to operate system.

Safe & Highly hygienic:

  • Completely insulated unit.
  • Closed operation room.
  • Hygienic standards are maintained by the use of stainless steel.
  • Pre filtration.

Easy transport to any location worldwide due to its small dimensions (3500 x 1570 x 1800) and weight (approx. 2.500kg). Even to remote areas.

Optional on-board power generator, independent use from external electrical power sources.