Benefits Aquacontainer

When using Mobile Water Bottling Plant from ContenO various advantages are to the benefit of the user:

For Military use:

  • Water production on site, near by soldiers.
  • The Mobile Plant moves forward and stays with the troops at theatre.
  • No vulnerable transport lines to get water to theatre. No risk of sabotage, terrorism, truck breakdowns or others.
  • No expensive transport of water bottles or large water containers to soldiers.
  • Reduced risk of diseases as bottles are capped and sealed in a hygienic environment compared to filling bottles at open air water taps.
  • Savings up to 80% on traditional water bottle transport and storage.
  • Transport of 100,000 water bottles, each 5 litres requires 20 full loaded trucks. The equivalent quantity in PET preform requires one 20 ft container only.
  • Savings up to factor 20 and higher are being made in terms of reduced truck transport, reduced storage room and reduced manpower.
  • Water quality permanently in own hands.
  • Low bottle price, including machine writing off.
  • 100% recyclable PET material, reducing waste.

For NGO’s:

  • Water production on the spot.
  • Transport, storage and manpower reduction by factor 20.
  • Contamination risk zero reducing sickness risks dramatically as bottles with safe potable water are filled and capped in a hygienic environment.
  • Water quality permanent in own hands.
  • Low bottle price, including writing off cost of investment.
  • No risk of transport systems being halted due to natural disasters such as floods, earth quakes.
  • 100% PET recyclable.

Private Owned Companies, Local authorities, Civil Defence etc...

  • Short to none transport lines. Saving up to factor 20 on transport, storage and manpower.
  • Immediate savings increases profit margins.
  • Production at any location, even at remote areas lacking power.
  • Immediate water production to assist at calamities etc...
  • Low bottle price, including writing off cost of investment.